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M-R Communication Plan
Posted on 08/24/2023
August 2023

🆘 Parents and Guardians,
Here is a sure fire 🔥 way to be in the loop - have an email & phone # in TylerSIS. 

Has your email or phone # changed?  You can always update your email and phone number by logging in to the parent portal or by calling your child's school.

✔️Google email/classroom
✔️ teachers

💻 Email and Text📱:
✔️School Messenger
✔️Talking Points

That’s it!
🛑“But wait!”, you say, “What apps do I need?”
You do not need a single app to get information. All of our programs have an app available but downloading is not required. For more info on the M-R communication & the different programs we use please read on. 


ALL school announcements will be posted on the school website and school calendar. The school website is also available as an app. 


Communicates with families via text, phone or email (each family sets preferences). This platform is mostly used for attendance calls, emergency announcements or other mass messages. *Optional: School messenger is also available as an app.


**NEW** Communicates with families via text, phone or email in the family's NATIVE Language! This platform is perfect for classroom announcements, teacher check ins and parent communication. Each staff member has access. Talking Points is also available as an app.


The student information system used by the district also has a communication piece. Staff can mass email or individually contact students, entire classes, and parents via email, pre written forms and letters. SkywardQ is available in an app.


Each school and many clubs and organizations utilize social media to support school communication. Because of the nature of algorithms social media feeds can be unreliable and inequitable in reaching families. Therefore social media accounts should be used to support and share announcements from school calendars and websites.

While there are many app options we want to assure families that multiple app downloads are not necessary! The District and schools will utilize each platform when possible and pertinent so that information flows freely in multiple avenues.
Your student's teacher may use a different program and may notify you of other options.