Multilingual Learners

Multilingual Learners at Monmouth-Roseville CUSD 238

Over 30% of students in the Monmouth-Roseville school district speak a language other than English at home, and 20% of our students are English Learners (ELs). This means their English is not yet developed enough to participate and achieve in English-only classrooms without support and continued instruction in English Language Development. Our students speak over 16 different languages and represent 19 different birth countries. 

Our district offers two types of services for ELs, English Language Development (ELD) and Dual Language education. All ELs receive ELD instruction in either a self-contained classroom or through co-teaching and/or instructional blocks taught by an EL teacher who has received specialized training. Through the Dual Language program, students receive instruction in English and in their native language, Spanish, from K through 6th grade with a focus on literacy in both Spanish and English. For more information regarding Multilingual Services in MR238, please review our program brochure in English, Spanish, French, and Haka Chin. 


The district will empower multilingual learners to develop and use English and their home languages academically and socially in order to become confident, multicultural and multilingual citizens who actively contribute to their global community. 


Multilingual learners (MLs) will acquire and develop English language proficiency through a rigorous curriculum and research-based practices that provide integration into all school programs and enhance academic success. Meanwhile, they will be encouraged to value and develop their home languages and culture. 

The following guiding principles support our mission:

* MLs are held to the same high expectations of learning established for all students.
MLs receive instruction that builds on their background knowledge and cognitive abilities.
* Educators respect and accommodate language proficiency levels through instructional methods that foster high academic achievement.
MLs are proportionately represented in all school programs and services.
* All educators share responsibility with families and the community for the academic success of MLs. 
All educators support a multicultural and multilingual additive perspective.