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School Messenger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

M-R uses a telephone alert system called School Messenger. School Messenger is utilized for emergency situations, school events, attendance and general announcements. The following information will help each family understand how School Messenger works.   7tbvwWj2.png

How did you get my Phone #?

Your name, phone number & email, is pulled from your student’s registration information. If your phone number, address or email changes at any time, please call your student’s school office immediately and update your contact information.

Can you just text/email me?

In most situations, the school administrator will place a phone call to send information, however you can get the information the way that is most convenient for you. Use the email you used to register your student to create an account with School Messenger InfoCenter OR smartphone owners can download a handy app. Don’t know what email you used? Contact your student’s office.

Can my Babysitter get the calls?

That’s no problem! Log into SchoolMessenger InfoCenter, click Preferences and look for the Add More Button. Add any family member who wants to receive M-R announcements. addmore.JPG


Will you please STOP calling me?

We sure will. Login to School Messenger InfoCenter and edit your preferences. You can remove all calls, or decide to get phone calls for emergency calls and texts for all other announcements.


I’m a Community Member who would like to be notified of M-R’s announcements.

We understand school closures affect more than just our families. We are happy to add you to our School Messenger call list. Please call any M-R school and request to be added. The secretary will take your Name, Phone number and, if you’d like the be able to edit your call options as listed above, your Email address.

Questions? Call (309) 734-4712