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MRHS Personal Counseling

MRHS Counselors are available for those students who need someone to listen. Topics of counseling may include, but are not limited to: stress, family/friend/school issues, grief, and career exploration. Students may go to the counselor with whom they are most comfortable for personal counseling.

If a student needs to meet with a counselor, he or she should sign up on our boards at school, and we will call them from class as soon as possible. Conversations between counselors and students are confidential.

There are three cases in which confidentiality may be broken:

1. If the student is a danger to him or herself, or another student

2. If someone is hurting the student

3. If the counselor receives a subpoena from a court of law

If your student needs more long-term, consistent treatment, the counselors can also offer suggestions to various counselors in the area. 

Any questions about counseling should be directed to Mrs. Emily Adolphson, at eadolphson@mr238.org, or Mrs. Amanda Mendez, at amendez@mr238.org.