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MRHS Graduation Requirements

Each year, between November-February, Mrs. Adolphson and Mrs. Mendez meet with all MRHS students to create a four-year plan, or edit an existing one. This ensures that students' existing credits are checked, and pending graduation requirements are factored into their plans. This also helps students adapt their plans to any new college and career goals. Graduation requirements are the foundation on the four-year planning process. 

MRHS Graduation Requirements:*

English- 4 credits

Math- 3 credits (including Algebra I and Geometry)

Science- 2 credits

Social Studies- 2 credits (including US His/Gov or Civics** and Consumer Econ)

Driver's Ed, Health

Foreign Language OR Vocational Education OR Fine Art- 1 credit

Electives- 10 credits

Total needed: 23 credits

*These are the minimum requirements needed to graduate with a high school diploma. If you plan on going to college, you may need to take extra classes in order to be admitted. Refer to specific colleges' and universities' websites for more advanced admission requirements. 

**You must pass both the federal and state constitution tests in US His/Gov or Civics to graduate. US His/Gov will no longer be offered after the 2016-17 school year, per changes in state graduation requirements. Students beginning high school in 2016 will be taking Civics their junior year. 

2016-17 Registration Handouthttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1G0JG74_2stmUeLiq9KN1Q7BDZ1QpC1TIFLofiYPfmTo/pub

Four-Year Planning Worksheet (8-period day)https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ErpjirxFYcFEVRTS4fnEsBF5o9y2UagTQLrEm7Oow64/pub

2016-17 Course Listhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kmTkfuVG4tHZKHVBnXTIspIo03cWmro4aH1gGw9FQsI/pubhtml