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ALL athletes must complete the following forms & submit to the school office:  

*See school calendar for a schedule of events - changes take place often!   **Baseball, Softball and Track schedules have been updated again as of 2/25/18*


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Sport Contact Schedules
Baseball Head Coach:  Jim Cole
JV Coach:  

 /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Baseball_varsity2018.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Baseball_jv2018.pdf

Basketball Boys

Head Coach:  Chuck Grant
JV Coach:  Jake Sottos

Freshman Coach: Tanner Schreck 

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Boys_Bball_Var_1718.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Boys_Bball_JV_1718.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Boys_Bball_FR_1718.pdf

Basketball Girls

Head Coach:  Jim Cole
FR/JV Coach:  Scott Weber


 /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Girls_Bball_Var_1718.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Girls_bball_JV_1718.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Girls_Bball_FR_1718.pdf

Cheerleading Crystal Quint  
Cross Country  Head Coach:     /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/XC_2017.pdf
Football Head Coach:  Jeremy Adolphson
Asst. Coaches:  Dan Morrison, Kevin Ferry

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Football_Var_2017.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Football_FR_1718.pdf

Golf Head Coach:  Mark Shrader   /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Golf_2017.pdf
Majorettes Head Coach:  Andrea Frieden  
Soccer Head Coach:  Aaron Sikorski

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Soccer_Var_2017.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Soccer_JV_2017.pdf


Head Coach:  Jarrod Hippen
Asst. Coach: Garrick Randolph  

 /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Softball_varsity2018.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Softball_jv2018.pdf


Swimming Head Coach:  Dee Dee Davies  

Head Coach: Jeremiah Platt

Asst. Coach:  Jeremy Adolphson

Asst. Coach:  Kevin Ferry

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Track_girls2018.pdf

/media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Track_boys2018.pdf

Volleyball Head Coach:  Laura Anton
Asst. Coach:  

  /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Volleyball_Var_2017.pdf

  /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Volleyball_SO_2017.pdf

    /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Volleyball_FR_2017.pdf


Head Coach:  Brian Gable

Asst. Coach:  Jerry Kinney, Dalton Willett

  /media//HighSchool/HS Athletics/Wrestling_1718.pdf